Avoiding Cholesterol with Egg White Protein Supplements

Athletes have been looking for years at ways to supplement their diets with pure protein. Today there are more and more supplements that are on the market to meet these athletes’ needs for additional protein without the fat and calories on a regular basis. Most of these supplements come in a powder form so that they can be added to different foods or drinks, so that they taste better when consumed by the individuals who use them.

The most common supplements are soy, whey and egg white protein supplements. There are benefits and down sides to each type of supplement. For instance, some studies say that soy supplements should not be used on a regular basis by women because it may interfere with her hormone production. Others say that egg white protein supplements do not taste as good as their soy or whey counterparts.

Why Egg White Protein Supplements?

There are many reasons that egg white protein supplements are a great choice in the supplement market today. One reason is that eggs are naturally full of protein, since just one large egg contains almost six and a half grams of protein in it. Some worry about the egg yolk containing cholesterol, which is true, but the cholesterol that it contains is the mainly the good kind, so having an egg yolk once in a while is not harmful. However, the athletes who are taking the egg white protein supplements do not want to risk having that much cholesterol going into their bodies and only want the benefits of the protein, so that is why they will steer away from supplements that use the egg yolks too.

There are other reasons that egg white protein supplements are beneficial to athletes. They only contain about one hundred calories per scoop of the supplement, but they contain about twenty-two grams of protein in each scoop. This allows athletes to keep their caloric intake down while maintaining the amount of protein in their system as is needed to build their muscles. The egg white protein supplements also contain about four hundred milligrams of potassium which is also beneficial to their muscles when working out on a regular basis for long periods of time. Most egg white protein supplements will come in two different flavors: vanilla and chocolate. This allows them to be shaken or blended together with milk, juice, or other drink to make a supplement that is fairly easy to consume.