Building Muscle with Natural Bodybuilding Nutrition

In order to gain muscle and keep a lean physique it is important to follow a natural bodybuilding nutrition plan. These diets can be formatted according to the natural bodybuilder’s needs so that they can achieve their goals. In general, a natural bodybuilding nutrition plan consists of individuals eating at least forty percent proteins, forty percent carbohydrates and twenty percent of good fats each day. This plan can be adjusted according to whether the person needs to lean down before a competition or whether they are trying to bulk up on muscle.

Natural Bodybuilding Nutrition Diets

A correct natural bodybuilding nutrition plan should consist of eating smaller meals throughout the day so that the person eats every three hours. This in itself helps the individual to increase his or her metabolism so that more calories are burned on a regular basis. It also helps to prevent the body from entering into a catabolic state in which the body believes it is starving and will feed off the lean muscle tissue and convert it to fat. This state is begun when the individual has not eaten for three or four hours, so bodybuilders especially want to avoid it since their goal is to gain muscle and lose fat.

In addition to frequent meals, the natural bodybuilding nutrition plan, especially for natural female bodybuilders who have a harder time losing fat than males do typically, needs to be a balanced meal every time one is eaten. Carbohydrates are used very quickly so that the individual peaks on energy levels after about thirty minutes, in addition to the fact that extra carbohydrates are stored as fat after that time. Proteins are hard for the body to digest without having carbohydrates also present, and they do not produce the instant energy of carbohydrates, although they give more energy in the long haul. Proteins are also important in natural bodybuilding nutrition because they are the building blocks for muscle, so body builders are often encouraged to eat at least one and a half grams of protein per pound of body weight per day.

In addition to making sure the diet is balanced, natural bodybuilding nutrition should also alternate between a high calorie intake and lower intake so that the body does not get used to one constant and stagnate. A recommended system for building muscle mass is to do a high calorie intake for five days and then a low calorie intake for two. The opposite is recommended if individuals are trying to lose fat.