Sculpting the Body: Natural Female Bodybuilder

Natural female bodybuilding takes a lot of hard work and determination, in addition to being able to ignore the stereotypes touted by the men in the gym who are threatened by a woman who is more muscular than he is. Natural female bodybuilders need to be disciplined about their eating and work out habits since the female body is more prone to carrying fat than a male body, so she must work extra hard to lean down to the levels of being able to see all of her musculature.

Natural Female Bodybuilder Nutrition and Competition

Natural female bodybuilders will often use natural bodybuilding supplements so that she is able to get the amount of proteins and carbohydrates that her body needs without getting any bad fats in her system as well. A natural female bodybuilder will often alternate between a period of five days on a high calorie diet and then two days on a low calorie diet when trying to build muscle. When she is getting ready for a competition and is trying to lean down, she will often go on a five day low calorie diet and then two days of high calories.

This helps to keep the body from growing accustomed to the amount of calories it is getting during the course of each day and stagnating. The breakdown of the meals should be forty percent carbohydrates, forty percent proteins and twenty percent good fats. Meals should be eaten on a regular basis, every two and a half to three hours so that the body never reaches the stage of feeling like it is starving and begins to break down lean muscle to convert it to fat.

Natural female bodybuilding competitions run in three stages, with the first stage requiring the athletes to come out in a group to stand in front of the judges. The judges will ask the group to turn a quarter turn and pause again while they look for certain criteria. They will do this four times until the natural female bodybuilders have turned a full circle. After that, the natural female bodybuilders will have to demonstrate individually a series of ten mandatory poses for the judges.

These poses cover all the muscle groups in the body and must be done in order with smooth motion from one to the next. The women must know how to do the poses to show off their muscles to their best advantage. Finally, the natural female bodybuilders have to perform a routine to music for ninety seconds. The routine consists of free poses as well as talents such as gymnastics or martial arts. The judges look for endurance and physicality in addition to the poses.