Wombaroo High Protein Supplement Can Be Fed To Animals That Live On Nectar And Fruits

Originally, the Wombaroo high protein supplement was fed only to those flying foxes that had been captured and which were actually quite carnivorous. Times have changed because today the Wombaroo high protein supplement is being used to feed animals who thrive only on nectar as well as on fruits and this high protein supplement can actually be used to boost the diet of such animals. In case you buy more Wombaroo high protein supplement than you can feed to your animals do remember that this product has a shelf life of at most two years, provided you keep the product well sealed as well as refrigerated.

Wombaroo High Protein Supplement Protein Sources

It is also interesting to learn about the sources for protein that go into the Wombaroo high protein supplement. For one, it contains soy protein isolate and there is also some whey protein isolates which has high amount of lactalbumin and finally there is also hydrolyzed casein. All of these ingredients when taken together will provide the animals with the proper mix of protein and more especially with the proper composition of amino acids as well.

Wombaroo high protein supplement provides a lot of good things to the animals including plenty of minerals, and vitamins as well as essential fatty acids such as EPA and linolenic acid as too DHA. In addition, Wombaroo high protein supplement is palatable and the quality of proteins used is very good which makes this high protein supplement well suited for use as food additive which in turn will boost the level of proteins in diets of any animals that have been debilitated.

Wombaroo high protein supplement also gives animals the required dose of essential amino acids and typically animals require proteins in the range of between one and a half grams to six grams per kilo. How much protein is required by an animal depends on the amount of energy that it expends and for animals that do not gain weight it is possible to substitute its energy intake with amount of energy expended.

For certain birds and animals, fruits are their major foods and for such animals and birds feeding them with Wombaroo high protein supplement can help provide them with the required intake of proteins to ensure that they remain in good health and enjoy proper metabolism.

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