Free Is Not So Free

Since you want to be a health fanatic or an extreme gym enthusiast, all different kinds of various health supplements will be punted to you, making your performance better and improving your health, etc. etc. Not all is true that you read, and depending what you can or can’t consume may just be a problem for the interim. Since the old days egg concoctions were consumed for body builders and the like, a protein build up. But what if you were allergic to eggs? Are there other alternatives for you on the market? Of course yes, how else do you think these health places make money; they have to do research and cater for all allergies wherever possible to keep their business going.
Know What You Really Do Need
Same as with joining some health club you probably would get the free goodies in the beginning, such as free protein supplement or any others that you may never need. Of course you know that nothing is really for free. The price you paid for the contract covers more than those freebies anyway. You could have just gone to the pharmacy and got these so-called free protein supplement products yourself with the guidance of a heath guru from your local gym too. Very importantly, is knowing the facts about products such as if the lactose free protein supplement is truly free of lactose, if you are lactose intolerant.
Getting It Yourself
Even on the shelves of the pharmacies you will find that some products, especially the larger containers that usually put a dent in your pocket may have a free protein supplement or other voucher attached to it. Yes, you will pay for that too, the voucher is for free, not the supplement. It is safe to assume that the free protein supplement would be the most expensive on the market that is why they punt it on their other products; even discount vouchers could be attached to those super large containers of whey products or whatever is inside them.

They don’t impress everyone, except the wannabe gym fanatics. They should know better anyway. And you ask yourself if you are stocky enough, why do they only put the free protein supplement vouchers on there? Don’t they realize that all the fat turns into muscle alone, therefore adding weight? There isn’t a quick fix for turning fat into muscle besides exercise. However if you have minimal muscle on you the free protein supplement could actually do you some good to fill out a bit, so that you can cast a shadow when the sun shines on you.