Choosing the Best Egg Protein Supplement

There are many different protein supplements that are on the market today, the most common of which are the whey or the soy protein supplements. Although these supplements are good to use and taste reasonably good in the vanilla and chocolate forms, there is also another choice that can be equally effective and possibly better, which is egg protein supplements.

Those who are proponents of egg protein say that egg protein supplements are the best because they utilize all of the protein that an egg naturally has. Athletes for years have been known to eat eggs for their high protein content and other nutrients. For instance, a large egg contains about six and a half grams of protein in it, in addition to containing all the essential amino acids that the body needs to process the protein.

Best Egg Protein Supplement Benefits

The best egg protein supplements help individuals to avoid having to eat excessive amounts of eggs every day, pulling out the egg yolks to avoid the cholesterol and cooking them in some way for consumption. One scoop of the best egg protein supplements or an egg white protein supplement will give individuals about twenty-two grams of egg protein, which would take eating about six egg whites and one yolk per serving.

In addition, there are only about one hundred calories per scoop and zero fat calories which allow athletes to get the amount of protein that they need in their diet without having the extra calories and fat content. In addition, the best egg protein supplements also give individuals about four hundred grams of potassium, which is good for their muscles as well and prevents cramping.

The best egg protein supplements can be found in both vanilla and chocolate flavors and can be mixed with any type of drink, although milk or juice is usually the drink of choice for these supplements. Sometimes the supplements are difficult to get to dissolve in the drink, so individuals say to use a blender or a drink container that is made for shaking and mixing the protein powder into a drink so that there are not the lumps of powder that have to be swallowed.

Although some individuals say that even the best egg protein supplements do not taste as good or dissolve as well as the soy or whey protein supplements, others say that there is a minimal difference between them and that the egg supplements have less issues attached to them that are detrimental to their constant use.