Common natural anabolic steroids found in food

At present,millions of bodybuilders around the world are working hard to reach their fitness goals. They always aim for increased muscle size as well as ripped bodies devoid of fat. For this reason, a large number of these serious bodybuilders take anabolic steroids that copy the function of testosterone. Although advances in science and technology has made it possible for men to change their bodies, there is always a disadvantage in anything that has been artificial. In fact, there have been studies made establishing the adverse side effects of anabolic steroids such as increase in blood pressure and liver damage. It is necessary then for many bodybuilders to search for alternatives such as natural anabolic steroids found in food substances.

Essentially, normal human development allows the production of anabolic steroids in the form of human growth hormones (HGH). The HGH helps to burn fat and efficiently convert it as fuel source. The important factor to make our own body a fat burning and muscle building machine is to consume food sources that have natural anabolic steroids. In fact,several renowned bodybuilders like Steve Reeves and John Grimek depended on great food by choosing the right food type that contained natural anabolic steroids. To further guide you in learning about natural anabolic steroids found in food substances, read the following:

Yogurt – Yogurt has been known to assist in absorption of nutrients that creates an anabolic state. Similarly, it is a rich source of calcium which helps in inhibiting fat absorption as well as making the bones healthy by supplying calcium.

Coffee –Truly, caffeine is beneficial to the body aside from being an antioxidant. It triggers thermogenesis which makes the body temperature rise to be more effective in burning fat. It can also assist in preventing lactic acid build up as well as tolerate increased intensity of exercise. In can make you alert and transform into a powerful ergogenic agent that can maximize performance.

Garlic – Because of its aillicin ingredient, it helps in testosterone production and inhibits cortisol or stress hormones.

Green Tea – Not only good for fat loss, it also helps in protecting the joints from wear and tear.

Watermelon – Amazingly, this fruit contains high amounts of citrillune, a natural amino acid that can become nitric oxide. Nitric oxide effectively delivers vital nutrients by needed by the muscles for growth.

Truly, natural anabolic steroids in food substances are better than man made counterparts.