A Few Facts Regarding Prosource Liquid Protein Supplement

The right kind of liquid protein supplement can play an important role in ensuring the effectiveness of a healthy diet. There is in fact sufficient scientific evidence available that bears this out and which also shows that the right kind of liquid protein supplement such as Prosource liquid protein supplement can help improve the metabolism, especially in regard to repairing as well as maintaining muscle tissues. As a matter of fact, the more a person exercises, especially in regard to bodybuilding, the more damage and rundown will their muscle tissues become.

Prosource liquid protein supplement is an excellent supplement that came about when hydrolyzed collagen and whey protein were combined in order to ensure formulating a higher protein supplement. In fact, the Prosource liquid protein supplement contains as many as ten grams of protein for every single ounce of the supplement and it also contains pure essential as well as non-essential amino acids.

The Prosource Liquid Protein Supplement

The Prosource liquid protein supplement provides users with a rich vein of glycine, arginine, proline, lysine as well as hydroxylysine as well as hydroxyproline. Another notable benefit to using prosource liquid protein supplement is that it is instantly dispersible and in addition it does not have a flavor and the liquid is also very clear.

Prosource liquid protein supplement does not contain gluten, and in addition, it also does not contain lactose though being a medicinal nutritional it is advisable that it should only be taken on the advice of a physician. Nevertheless it has some very good benefits including only containing hundred calories while being absolutely free of fat and it also only contains fifteen grams of carbohydrates.

In addition, prosource liquid protein supplement has just seven grams of sugar, ten grams of protein and twenty milligrams of sodium and a similar quantity of potassium as well as eighty milligrams of phosphorous. All these measurements relate to a single ounce of prosource liquid protein supplement.

Typically, you will be sold prosource liquid protein supplement in thirty-two ounce bottles which retail for approximately fifty-seven dollars though with discounts you can shave off another thirty-four percent off the list price.

It is not only boys and men that need liquid protein supplements because now there are also many takers for liquid protein supplements for women. However, women need a different kind of liquid protein supplement, especially ones that do not contain testosterone boosters which would have an adverse effect on their voices – making them deeper as well as causing excessive growth of hair as well.